MacGregor State School P&C
Our Mission

What We Stand For

MacGregor State School Parents and Citizens Association is a non profit organisation run by a team of volunteers. Our objectives are to promote the interests of, and facilitate the development and further improvement of the School. For example, by promoting parent participation and encouraging collaboration between parents, students, school communities and nongovernment entities to foster a commitment to achieving the best educational outcomes for children and young people.


Essential Services that Contribute Back to the School

The P&C’s main responsibility is to oversee the management of 3 essential services to the School, namely MOSHC, Tuck Shop and the Uniform & Stationery Shop. These businesses provide essential services to students and parents whilst generating income. We also run a number of fundraising events throughout the year. Profits are subsequently contributed back to the School to fund a variety of projects and capital purchases that would otherwise not be possible through Department funding alone. The P&C therefore plays a critical role in developing and maintaining the high quality learning environment that students enjoy at MacGregor State School.

A Message From


An active and healthy P&C is crucial for the overall success of MacGregor State School. Our P&C group meets every month to organise a vast range of fundraising activities throughout the year. 

We enjoy a tremendous sense of collaboration and pride in what we do. We working hand in hand with the school administration to engage in a productive relationship with the end goal being to develop every child to their full potential.

Each and every one of our community members, parents and educators has a role to play, and if you are yet to experience the pride of being involved with the P&C, I encourage you to get involved today. Feel free to reach with your thoughts, we will be delighted to hear from you.

By working together, we can surely achieve the best and build a bright future for our students. Thank you,

Dr. Jishu Das Gupta (JD), President, MacGregor State School P&C


2024 P&C Executive Team

Jishu Das Gupta – President

JD is father of two children, one boy and one girl, one boy who in in a local High School and a daughter in Year 4 at MacGregor State School. He has worked as an academic in multiple renowned Queensland universities and has experience in various industries and management roles. He also leads and chairs several community organisations and has a passion for social liberty is a champion for social cohesion. Currently JD works for the Queensland State Government. In his role as President, he is responsible for P&C initiatives, building relationship with School staff and committees, resolving P&C business issues, maintaining effective communication and supporting team members with their programs.

The President will be the chair of meetings and conduct them in an efficient and timely fashion, being familiar with the rules, constitution and other documents governing P&C operations. The President also is an official member of the School Council for the School.

Email: president@msspc.org.au


Jon Smith – Vice President

As Vice President, Jon is responsible to provide essential support for the President and other members of the Executive Committee.  Jon has two children at MacGregor State School and his business Smith & Li Realty is a proud sponsor of our P&C Association.


Email: vicepresident@msspc.org.au



Pial Rahman – Vice President

Pial is the mother of a cute little boy who is currently attending MacGregor State School. She has extensive experience in customer service, education, fashion industry, and finance environments. She strongly believes that having passion is essential for living a happy life. She has found her passion in helping people and communities. Since 2007, she has been involved with Boston Bangla Language School, World Vision Australia, Red Cross Australia and Brisbane Radio 4EB. In addition to MacGregor State School (MSS) P&C Association, she is also working as a radio presenter for Radio 4EB. A person with a variety of experiences, she firmly believes that she possesses the desire, motivation, and drive to serve the school.

As the MSS P&C Vice President, Pial is responsible for providing essential support to the President and other members of the Executive Committee. At the same time, she also oversees P&C operations, rules, and meeting procedures. 

Email: vicepresident@msspc.org.au

Terry Lee – Secretary

Terry is a proud former student of MSS and his youngest son attends MacGregor State School. Terry brings enthusiasm, analytical and organisational skills to the Executive Team. He has worked in the Federal Government for over 18 years in a range of roles from customer service, managing assets; and regulation and enforcement. He has a passion for volunteering and sport. 

 As a secretary, Terry collates the agenda papers for each meeting, (including subcommittee reports) and assists the President in preparing an agenda for each meeting. You may also find Terry helping out at the Mac Snack Shack on Friday’s, drop by and say hello!

They prepare and present minutes of the Association’s meetings, record and deal with correspondence in/out as directed, and generally organise, record, and maintain information pertaining to the activities of the Association.

Email: secretary@msspc.org.au



Simon Yeh –  Treasurer

The Treasurer has the overall responsibility for the financial management of the P&C Association, including all subcommittee accounts. They prepare an annual budget and Annual Operational Plan for the P&C in consultation with the Association’s Executive Committee. It is the Treasurer’s responsibility to keep accurate accounts of receipts and expenditure.

Email: treasurer@msspc.org.au

Angie Chiu – Assistant Treasurer

Angie, P&C Assistant Treasurer, has two children her youngest still at the school and currently working in the banking industry. She has many extensive experience among retail and finance environments. She draws from previous experiences as a business owner to manage P&C finances and accurate account keeping of receipts and expenditure, making sure there is transparency in use of funds and monitoring how funds are used to benefit our students in the school. She brings a hard-working attitude to the executive team and a commitment to help P&C in any way possible.

Email: treasurer@msspc.org.au

$60K in funding commitments for 2023

P&C current members including 8 life members