MOSHC Philosophy


Our Service Philosophy

At MacGregor Outside School Hours Care, we are committed to creating a caring, secure and supportive environment that recognises, respects and caters for diversity and promotes equity.

At Macgregor Outside School Hours Care, we are committed to creating a caring, secure, and supportive environment that caters for diversity and equity. We believe that a child’s sense of belonging is first shaped through the education of their families’ values, beliefs, and traditions. We strive to uphold and strengthen children’s identities through acknowledging and exploring their culture and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We believe strong ties with our community promote a supportive, respectful, and positive environment.

Our standards are aligned with the My Time, Our Place Framework for school-aged care, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and The Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration ensuring our service offers inclusive and supportive environments that work towards shaping successful, imaginative and confident lifelong learners that are active and informed members of the community.

We promote children to develop autonomy and believe it is the children’s right to decide how they want to shape the environment under the guidance of our educators (Article 12). We view each child as unique and take a holistic approach to planning and collaboration, establishing secure and respectful relationships between children, educators, school community, and families. Our team uses authentic documentation and reflective practice to develop a meaningful program which caters to all. Our multi-tiered leadership model allows us to reflect, analyse, and cyclically plan to continually improve our program and practice.

At MOSHC, we focus on educating our community on the following aspects of sustainability: Environmental, Social, and Economic. We place great importance on students as global citizens and empower them to make choices that benefit each other, their community, and their planet.


BEFORE SCHOOL: Monday to Friday from 6.30 am – 9.00 am.

AFTER SCHOOL: Monday to Friday from 3:00 am – 6:00 pm.

VACATION CARE: Monday to Friday from 6.30 am – 6.00 pm.

Phone: (07) 3349 4836     Email:

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$60K in funding commitments for 2023

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